F45 Farringdon: Class review

I’m pushing a weight so heavy across the floor that I can barely move it. And that’s just the start – the next part is my arch nemesis – burpees.

I’m half way through a 2 week trial at F45 in Farringdon. Part of the Australian chain of fitness workouts there are now loads of studios popping up around London.

The 45 minute workouts change every day – which keeps it interesting. Why would you want to do the same workout every day and do the same exercises every day? But with names like Bears and Hollywood they’re not for the fainthearted.

All are designed around the concept of HIIT training – intense bursts of exercise with short and sharp breaks – keeping you fit, strong and alert.

F45 Training (1)

The classes start with the instructors taking you through the circuits and while you do a quick warm up they put you in groups for the class. Then you follow a circuit using weights, TRX’s, ropes and whatever else they want to scare you with!

If, like me, you’ve forgotten all the exercises by the time the class has started they all appear in front of you on a screen – so there’s no excuses!

Unlike some of my other favourite workouts there’s not a lot of cardio – but it’s great to mix up my routine and do more weight training as it builds muscle and burns fat in different areas of your body.

Some gyms feel a little cliquey and not very friendly but F45 has an ‘everyone’s welcome’ attitude – whatever your fitness levels or social status – which I personally LOVE!

F45 Training (8)

I’m not going to lie the first few classes left me feeling super achey the next day. And I really thought the classes would get easier the more I went – but they just didn’t. However,  if you like a challenge and want to leave knowing you’ve pushed yourself then this is definitely the class for you.

I managed around 4 classes a week and after every one, even though I was exhausted, I felt amazing for days afterwards. And when I did go back to those cardio based classes I felt stronger and fitter for it.

Have you tried it? Let me know in the comments below.

Classes at F45 Farringdon start at £20.

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