A day at Rebook Les Mills Live

What do you get when you put lots of fitness buffs and some very energetic instructors in an arena? Les Mills Live of course!

The show, which was this year held at ExCel Live was a whole day of HIIT workouts, strength and weight classes and even spinning classes.

After my friend Charlotte got a little lost of the trains (ha ha) we made our way to our first class – a very energetic GRIT cardio workout. With around 6 instructors on stage doing the routines, music booming and about 300 other people in the room with us the vibe was great and even though the class was tough (a mixture of 1-minute routines including squats, burpees, and tuck jumps!)  I felt amazing after it.

While we waited for our next class we had a little wander around the chill-out area – where they had talks, branded clothes on sale and of course a place to have a sneaky picture.

Next up was a GRIT strength class – which basically met lots of reps with very heavy weights! Then if that didn’t knacker you out enough they threw in some cardio too. This is definitely the class that made me ache the next day.

We loved the energy and effort the instructors put in throughout the classes and the whole day – it was really inspiring.

If you fancy trying out a Les Mills class they run them throughout the UK – check out their website for more details. Maybe I’ll see you in a class!!

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