Running a marathon

I’m not sure if I’ll ever get round to running an actual marathon.

I do like running, well let’s say sometimes I like it – I’ve run numerous 10ks and half marathon. But a marathon, well that just seems like too much hard work.

I think it’s the training runs that put me off, the injuries I might sustain and just, well all that running in one morning!

Of course I know the benefits – running is great exercise and it making you stronger and fitter. And personally for me it’s great when you’re outside, running round that open field and clearing your head. Afterwards the high is worth it – even if you’ve only managed 5k.

So even though I may never do a marathon I’m going to do it in stages. Yeh you heard me right – I’m not cheating and I’m not claiming to have done the London marathon but I’ve signed up to Macmillan’s OutRun campaign this September. It’s a running challenge with a difference. One that pushes you to run further for 30 days, outrun your own expectations and raise money for people affected by cancer.

So I’m attempting to run the length of a marathon throughout September. You don’t have to run the length of a marathon; you can choose smaller feats – like a 10K or even a half marathon.Wish me luck and follow my journey on Instagram.




While I’m doing it I’ll have a little bit of help from Shock Absorber. Sometime the key to running is getting the right sports bra – otherwise you’ll end up chaffing or feeling uncomfortable when you run.

 I’ve chosen the Active support range, which can be found on
. I’ve already started my running challenge and this bra is perfect as it means I have less bounce when I run, which if I’m honest, no girl wants – especially if there’s cute boys around!

The bra, with a blue cup and black mesh also has a pretty design and is shaped so well for any cup size. I can’t wait to see how it fares as I attempt to run the rest of my marathon.

For more info on Macmillan’s outrun campaign visit here.


This is a sponsored post for Shock Absorber . To shop this bra go to ShockAbsorber On ASOS




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