The best Rooftop fitness classes in London

I love a good alfresco workout, when I was away earlier this year in America I ran down beaches with glorious views and in May did yoga in Portugal with the sun beaming on my back.

So of course I had to replicate that this summer in London. And there really is no better way to wake up. Yes it’s rubbish having to get up super early and yawn your way there but so worth it when you get there. London in the sun, with a view, really is the best sort of way to do fitness.


This week I manged to get to (okay wake up early for) Pilates with Julia at Exercise in the City – she’s started doing roof top pilates a few mornings a week at Coq D’Argent in the city.  The views of London are amazing and Julia’s style of Pilates is great way to wake your muscles up before you go to work.


I also went to a great yoga class at Coca Cola HQ in London recently. The plan was to do yoga outside but unfortunately, due to the very British weather, we had to do it inside. But luckily just inside the roof top, so when the sunshine inevitably made its way through the rain it shone right on us. Oh don’t you just love a British summer.


One thing that I find incredibly important when doing fitness, especially early morning fitness, is keeping hydrated. GLACÉAU Smartwater’s new sports cap bottled water is the perfect way to keep you hydrated  – it’s the right size and so easy to drink out of when you exercise.


The 45-minute yoga session by Jessica at Fat Buddha Yoga was an invigorating Vinyasa class which took us through some stretches and sun salutations. At the beginning of the class I was sleepy and lacked energy, by the end I was full of energy and my mood had completely changed. When the sun came out I was smiling even more.

There are still some roof top classes I would love to make it to this summer, like Yogarise in Peckham, and if Instagram is anything to go by then Yoga at the Sky Garden looks worth the 6am alarm call. Hopefully while the sun is still shining I’ll make it to them.

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