Dating and boxing @ 1Rebel

Londoners are pretty lazy, if they can do two things at once then they’ll jump at the chance. And I’m no different, newly single and with no hurry to download tinder again I signed up to a boxing / speed dating event.

The horror which spread across my friends faces when I asked them if they wanted to join me: ‘Why would I attempt to meet a man while I looked a sweaty mess?’ One friend said. And I kind of got her fear – but then again I am the girl who’s been spinning on a first date and also said yes to speed dating karaoke.

I did wonder who would actually turn up – after all men and dating events don’t tend to go together that well. I’ve turned up at dating events before only to find a handful of men and the girls are made to fight for their attention. But thankfully this wasn’t the case, it seemed pretty equal on the girl / boy divide. Maybe fitness and dating is a good match after all.

I actually really love this boxing class normally, housed at 1Rebel’s Broadgate gym they have boxing bags hanging from the ceiling and you spend 45 mins doing a mix of boxing techniques and cardio. But of course there was a twist for this session, which was in association with the dating app Bumble, every set of exercises we did had to be with a different guy on a different bag –  cue me running around like a lunatic hoping I didn’t get into a ‘pick me’ situation, and have to box alone.


As we started I met my first match on the bag, but with the music so loud I barely got his name – so a boxing glove tap had to do instead. We went along with the instructions of the teacher – left right punch, double punch, upper cuts and then he was off and another one joined me while we did burpees face to face. Now, I must say I’m not particularly fond of burpees, so doing them while I face a potential match was a little daunting, but once the pain kicked in then I wasn’t really concentrating on him.

The class became enjoyable (but way more sweaty) when they tried their best to get us as close as possible to the guy we were paired up with. Making us do exercises like tricep dips  on their legs while they did a wall sit, bum touching ab crunch leg raises and back to back squat touches –  all this why they belted out tunes like ‘Lets get it on….’

After 45 minutes of suitably impressing them with my fitness skills and turning into a sweaty mess the class was over. Thankfully the put on after workout drinks  so we could actually find out each others names and have a conversation without the threat of sweat dripping down our faces. I always feel that a glass of fizz should be compulsory after a workout anyway – and with this workout so much more.

Great idea – especially if fitness is your bag and you want to meet someone with a similar outlook. Fancy giving speed dating and boxing a go? They do the classes every couple of months. More info can be found at 1Rebel or Bumble.

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