New on the London Fitness scene: Bests Bootcamp

I’m always curious when there’s a new fitness spot in London, with so many already it’s great to see which ones are going to shake up the fitness scene. And Bests Bootcamp looks like it may be in with a running chance!

Based in Charing Cross, in an old Fitness First, the studio is sleek and well equipped. It even has a trainer cam, which offers a 360-degree visual experience, allowing you to focus on form and technique throughout the class.

Each session is a different balance of cardiovascular and strength training, allowing you to choose your fitness focus. Set up a bit like Barry’s Bootcamp and 1Rebel it has treadmills at the front of the studio, then boxes to train (and let’s face it, probably sweat on!) on, with weights to the side of them.

The Best’s Box has been exclusively designed in-house and offer two different height options (good for me – as I’m a short arse!) allowing you to adjust the degree of difficulty and optimise versatility of exercise.

When I visited we started on the treadmills, doing a bit of a warm up run, then coming down to the boxes to do some reps with weights. This was then repeated a few times.  I loved the treadmills – unique to Bests they have a  setting allowing them to go downhill too, so it feels like you’re actually running outside.


I’ll admit, after a 2-week holiday (and not loads of exercise) the class was pretty tough. Me and my friend Sophia kept giving painful glances to each other. But the teacher, atmosphere and music (live DJ’s) definitely made up for it.

The studio has also just introduced some cool new perks. Shona Vertue, personal trainer and Instagram goddess will be a guest trainer every Wednesday for the next few weeks and they’ve also introduced ‘Thirsty Thursdays’ – basically a celebratory drink after a pretty tough workout! What’s not to love?

And, if like me, you’re a classpasser then they’ve just popped up on there. More info about Bests Bootcamp here.



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