Can fitness make you younger?

I’m forever wishing I was still in my 20s – so I thought finding out what my fitness age might be the best way to reverse the ageing process. But, will I turn out to be older and disappointed or younger and gloating about it for days?

Well there’s only one way to find out. If you’re a member of Fitness First you can get a BioScore (resulting in finding out your fitness age), assessing your lifestyle and fitness for £30. Or, if you wait until your birthday you can get one done for free. The BioScore tests you for around 40 minutes and is kind of like a mini workout.

BioScore (2)


I popped down to my local FF and started by answering a quick lifestyle questionnaire – in which they asked me about my diet, medical history and drinking habits.

Then the real test begins – finding out your fitness levels. Leon, Fitness First manager at Balham put me through my paces, starting with lunges and squats with a Viper to check my flexibility. I did pretty well, and then went on to some jumps. I had to use all my momentum to jump from one line of a box marked on the floor as far as I possibly could to the other side. Leon gave me three tries, but apparently jumping isn’t my forte. I failed slightly on this part.

Next was abdominal work – Leon challenged me to do a 3 minute plank, but not just any old plank. The first minute, just doing a standard plank, was easy, but as it got into the next part it got a little harder – right arm up, left arm up, right leg up, left leg up – 2 minutes in I was getting competitive but also a little shaky. Then came the final minute, the plank with arm and leg raises together, I managed 30 seconds but then fell into a crumpled mess. I felt like I’d failed slightly but Leon told me that I had done better than him, which made me a little happier.

We also tested my arm strength on the TRX (could do better apparently!) completed 500m of rowing (I had to do it in less than 3 minutes to get a good score) and did more jumping. This time it was how fast I could jump in and out of a hexagon without touching the sides – twice. The first time I did it in 18 seconds, but with Leon’s encouragement (he said I could do it in 15 seconds) I did it in 15 seconds – which is apparently a very good score. Surely that bumps me down into my late twenties right?

BioScore (1)

They calculate your fitness age from your lifestyle questionnaire and your fitness levels  – then it appears on your Fitness First Custom Fit app. So, did I turn back time and make it back to my 20’s? I was SO close, but didn’t quite make it that far….although I did shave off 2 years from my real age!

While I did my BioScore I had a little help from Shock Absorber*. When you’re exercising a lot you need to be wearing the right sports bra for each activity – there’s no point wearing one that either doesn’t support you well enough or restricts you from doing the exercise you want to do.

When I first started working out I only had one or two sports bras to my name, now I have around 10.  Well a girl needs one for every occasion right?

For the BioScore I was wearing my new Active Zip Plunged Shock Absorber sports bra – which is great for a little bit of movement. While I did all the moves in the bra I felt very supported, but also really comfortable. The panel inside gives your body enough room to breath and also prevents chafing.

Shock Absorber are passionate about looking after women’s breasts while we work out. And if we’re honest, it can be a little unpleasant, especially if like me you have slightly larger breasts. Breast bounce can be uncomfortable.

In fact, over 20 years ago in 1994, research carried out at Edinburgh University prompted the development of the original Shock Absorber bra. They now work alongside breast health experts at major UK universities to ensure new styles are tested to measure their reduction on breast movement. Which, I feel, is pretty damn cool.

I wore the purple bra with yellow detail, which looked great under my loose white sports top, or on its own when I got a bit warmer after some slight cardio. It also has a plunge neckline and zip at the front which was really flattering on me.

The Active Zip Plunged Shock Absorber sports bra is available from Next and priced at £25.

Next week I’ll be trying out the Shock Absorber Active shaped Support bra, while I try out a fitness class in San Francisco, the bra is great for a little bit more of an active workout.

*The Shock Absorber review is a sponsored post

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