Running Routes of America

I’ve run on the streets of New York, round many London landmarks and even from Coogee to Bondi in Sydney – so of course when I went to America at the beginning of the year I knew I had to find some great places to go running. I was lucky enough to run along not just one beach, but several – worth getting out of bed for and pretty damn good Instagram fodder too.


As I was doing so many classes I didn’t get a chance to run outside until I was in Maui. I was staying in Kaanapali, right on the beach front, which spread for about a mile. If you can try and get up early (especially if you are there in season) it’s probably the best time as it gets up in the high 20’s later. I ran from my resort  – The Westin, past all the other resorts to the left and then back up to the Sheraton hotel, which is at the other end. The have a path way for you to run on and its a great way to get a a feel for the Island (people doing yoga, having breakfast) the atmosphere, and if you’re lucky (and early enough) you’ll see the amazing colours in the sky as the sun comes up.

2016-01-22 07.14.20

If you feel like you want a longer running route while in Kannapali, the Westin Resort are offering guests the opportunity to trade in the treadmill for their self-guided jog. Designed in partnership with New Balance®, the pocket-sized maps feature 3-mile and 5-mile jogging routes around the Westin hotel so that you can combine your workout routine with amazing sights. They even include 5 instagram worthy points.

Next up was the glorious Santa Monica. Even though the temperatures weren’t as high as Hawaii I had an amazing beach view to gaze at as I went. I ran down from my hotel and along the Santa Monica Beach front, down to the pier and back again. I even picked up some bagels on the way back…..

If you fancy it you can run all the way from one end of Santa Monica Beach, past Venice Beach (and stop off at Muscle Beach on the way – like I did) and all the way down to the Marina Del Ray. I just did a short run as it was getting warm and we were heading to the airport for Vegas that day.

Last but not least was Miami. We were staying up in North beach so unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to run down the famous South Beach, although I did do Yoga on South Beach. There’s a running / walking path all the way down the beach, so great if you don’t want to run on the actual beach, but you can still get the atmosphere of Miami beach. Also, as a nice little touch is on the footpath they have the street numbers, so as a runner if you do it on a regular basis it’s nice as you can track your fitness, or just try and beat your friends. Me and my friend Adele made it a few streets down and did a bit of training on the beach before we decided sunbathing was a better option.


2016-02-07 13.51.25-1

Ran anywhere with an amazing view? Let me know in the comments below.


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