Coreflex workout @ Speedflex

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll know that I’ve tried out Speedflex in the past, it’s a HIIT and resistance weight training class, which is great for an all over body workout. They’ve recently added different classes – which concentrate on different areas of the body, or cater for the fitter among us.

Last week I went down to their studio in Bank to try out their new coreflex workout, a 30 minute class, which concentrates on all things abs. And with a little trip back to the states in a few weeks (please let there be sunshine) in mind I gave it my all.

Starting on one of the machines, a mixture of pull ups, push ups and bent over rows we did one circuit of the room – on around 4 or 5 different machines, before we got into pairs and started on the real core workout. 

My partner and I started with pikes, but on a swiss ball – surely the hardest way to do a pike? But with my holiday in mind I did my 20 and changed over to work on the machines while my partner did the swiss ball nightmare pikes.

Most of the exercises were done in 4 minute sections, and while wearing the heart rate monitor it’s your job to keep your heart rate up while you’re doing the HIIT exercises.

Possibly the hardest part of the abs was when I was doing the plank and the trainer decided to test my core skills. She pushed and pulled me while I attempted to resist it and stay in the plank – I think I just about managed it, but my abs the next day weren’t a fan of her.

After a few more reps of cardio and ab exercises we were done. I was exhausted, and so was my core. Other new classes that Speedflex offer are Speed4Lex, FleXetreme, Pureflex and BodyFlex. 

If you fancy trying out Speedflex you can sign up here for an introductory session.


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