Yoga on South Beach, Miami

You would think yoga on a beach, in Miami, would be warm right? Think again! I was in Miami a few weeks ago and apparently they were  having, what they call, a ‘cold front’ coming in – lucky us!

But it could have been worse, I could have been attempting the downward dog on Southend beach, rather than South Beach, Miami. Silver linings and all that.

To be honest with you this yoga class is a bit of a hidden gem, it’s not available on Class Pass, my normal way to find classes in different cities. But, determined to do yoga on a beach in Miami I put a bit of leg work in and found one on 3rd street and Ocean. If you follow the path down to the beach, every morning (at 7am) and evening (at either 5 or 6pm) the yoga instructor and locals turn up to practice their yoga (normally in the glorious sunshine!) right next to the orange and yellow striped lifeguard hut.

It’s kind of a free for all, you just turn up, put your beach towel down, ready to go, no booking malarkey, and you pay your instructor a donation afterwards.


Despite the blustery winds (the teacher was visibly horrified by the weather) the yoga was pretty good. Starting with some breathing exercises we then went into a yoga flow sequence, covering the downwards dog, the plank and chaturanga at our own pace.

After a 10-minute sun salutation sequence we went on to some inversions, such as the shoulder stand, the plow, fish pose and bridge pose. We finished off with some chanting and simple stretches, and even though the weather wasn’t particularly brilliant is was great to do a yoga class outside, right next to the sea.

I would say that it was for all levels of yogis, giving you harder options if you were more advanced and simpler options if you were a newbie. If you’re around 3rd street when visiting Miami, I’d definitely recommend it, if not just for the views.


Thankfully it wasn’t that windy and cold the whole time we were there, the sun came out occasionally, and we even managed a little bit of sunbathing. We made it down to Key West, celebrated the super bowl with locals at the bars on South Beach and explored Little Havana. Now I’m back in the harsh reality of cold London I would give anything to be back in Miami – even if it was a little chiller than normal!


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  1. lexilife says:

    These photos have made me crave a holiday! Especially as I’m also living in the UK and for the first day of really isn’t spring like at all. x

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    1. I feel your pain….I would love to be back there right now!!

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  2. dori says:

    Wowowowo I want to be there!!!


  3. Awesome! I’m forever looking for new yoga spots


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