A Gladiator style workout

When you get invited to work out with a former gladiator you don’t say no. Imagine the photo possibilities. So that’s how I found myself in a PT session with James Crossely (aka Hunter from the 90’s Saturday night show Gladiators) the other week. Now a personal trainer, after a stint of being an actor, he’s so into his fitness that he also competes in Strong Man competitions and runs his own PT company Chelsea Fitness.


Of course I expected travelators, fighting him on top of a podium with a giant pugil stick and Ulrika Johnson to be there, so I was sadly disappointed when I turned up to Bounce gym, in Wimbledon, and there wasn’t a travelator in sight.

James’ workout made up for it though. Based on strong man techniques he had me pushing heavy weights across the gym floor, doing burpess, pulling ropes and even doing pull ups. I literally woke up the next day and couldn’t move my arms above my head.


As we made our way through reps of different exercises (with only 20 seconds in between for rests) I was so exhausted after each one I was hoping he’d feel sorry for me and finish the workout early! No such luck…..after about 8 sets of reps I was out of breath and knackered, but realised that that sort of training was what I was missing from my routine.

James works with a group of personal trainers, through Chelsea Fitness, with a number of clients who are looking to tone up and get fit. He’s even invented an app for his PT’s, as well as others –  PTN1, which can be downloaded on the ipad. Instead of either remembering your workouts, or writing them down on a card you can record them on the app and share them with clients.


Also, a factor which really interested me was his technique of measuring body fat percentage, instead of jumping on the scales. I bloody hate the scales. They’ll  never be a route to happiness. By using a pinching tool your body fat percentage can be taken from certain ‘problem’ areas around the body – including the stomach and thighs. James says that his method is great, as he can tell if you’ve been ‘food’ cheating, even if you’ve made it to you regular 3 workouts that week.

I left feeling knackered, but so energised from the workout. Then……well this happened….

……you can’t take the Gladiator out of the guy!

IMG_3939 (1)

Jame’s app can be downloaded on your ipad from the Apple store, and if you fancy an intense PT session with James or one of his PT’s check out Chelsea Fitness.

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