San Francisco – Bike over the Golden Gate Bridge 

I’m riding a bike. This isn’t a normal thing for me, the closest thing I’ve come to riding a bike in the last 10 years is a spinning bike – and that’s just a bike with stabilisers right?!?


Let’s get this clear, much to my disappointment, I never actually passed my cycling proficiency when I was younger. You kind of needed a bike to take that. Then at the tender age of 19 I decided to cycle on the roads, I clipped a curb and went flying. Hence my hesitation.

So of course I decided that cycling around San Francisco and down to the Golden Gate Bridge, and over it, would be a good idea! I was staying at The Stanford Court in the Nob Hill district, which do ‘Bike the Bridge’ Packages – basically where you get to hire a bike for the day and cycle over the bridge. With epic views I hear. But of course I didn’t actually see those views!

The next thing I had to get over was getting on the bike and staying on the bike! Now I’m not particularly tall, (Kylie Minouge height if you really wanted to know) so finding a bike that I’m actually the right height for is always a problem. But once we adjusted the seat away I went.

Then there were the hills. Oh the hills of San Francisco. There were way too many. And they just sought of creep up on you too. You went round a corner and boom there they were! Luckily google maps wasn’t too harsh on me, and thank god for bike lanes. I just about made it down to the SF marina in one piece.


But as I get closer to the bridge I chicken out, it looked way further than I imagined it to be. A couple of miles ago I was determined to ride there and back, now even getting over the bridge seemed daunting. And who’s silly idea was it to set off at 4pm anyway? As the sun came down, so did the temperature. Plus, I had a date that night…..I didn’t fancy phoning him at 8pm, telling him that instead of meeting me in a nice bar that he had to come rescue me from the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge. That would have been a date fail.

I decided that seeing the Golden Gate bridge that close (just look how close I got!) is a bloody amazing thing anyway. It’s so inspiring and such a gorgeous sight, and I realised that I pretty much burnt the amount of calories doing that ride from the hotel, than I would of if I’d gone over the bridge anyway. Well, that’s what I told myself.

And I still had to get back to the hotel! The ride home involved too much darkness and even an incident where I got my lace stuck in the chain! But I finally made it back and was happy to hand the bike back . I’m going back to SF in April, so maybe I’ll attempt to do the ride over the bridge properly then.



And they say once you fall off (I technically didn’t fall off but kind of had a traumatic experience!) then you should get back on again, straight away! So I did……I cycled down Santa Monica and Venice Beach, as well as through, pretty much torrential rain, while I was in Miami (hence the picture above where I look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards). Bikes are fun, just not on real roads please……because after all, I haven’t even passed my cycling proficiency yet!!

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