Burn SF Pilates San Francisco

Burn SF looked like nothing I had done before, so of course my inquisitive nature made me want to book it! A mix between cardio, weights and Pilates, with the Pilate machines actually attached to the walls.

It was my first class in San Francisco after a nice rest day, well I say rest I’d had an early morning flight from Chicago that morning and intended to sleep before I met a friend, but the excitement of seeing her meant I got absolutely no sleep at all.

Burn SF have around 6 different studios around San Francisco, including one on Broadway, which is where I went. The class was located about a 30-minute walk from where I was staying in Union Square so it was nice to get a feel for what San Francisco was like as I walked down there.

The studio is small but really friendly, with cubby holes to the side to store your stuff and also a waiting area. As it was my first time the instructor gave me a little run down of the equipment, showing how the springs moved down to different pegs dependent on your height and also how the waist strap went round you and clicked on to the wall springs.


We started with some cardio, which was very welcome after my rest day, and then we started to use the wall springs. A bit like a reformer Pilates board and TRX mixed together – we used them for resistance while we did arm exercises and also placed them on our feet for ab and leg exercises. We also used the strap round out waist later and hooked ourselves on to the springs while we did bits of cardio, running back and forth, side to side and also doing burpees with it on. We also used hand weights for a few of the other arm exercises.

I loved that it was so different to Pilates (reformer Pilates classes can start to get repetitive after a while) classes in London – they have a real USP. And the main thing about this class is not to be put off by all the equipment and the boards – within the hour you change to different springs, to weights and also use your own body weight – but that can only be good for you in the long run.

It was tough but I really enjoyed the challenge – especially incorporating bursts of cardio in the workout in between the pilate moves. SF burn recommend you do around three classes a week in order to see results. I can’t wait to visit again.

SF burn 1

I’d visited San Francisco before and loved it then too, so I knew I was going to fall in love with the city all over again. After my class I realised how close I was to the Golden Gate Bridge, so I knew I had a little wander down there.

As I arrived the sun was just creeping out, from behind the clouds, and the atmosphere down near the bridge is lovely when the sun comes out. Imagine locals jogging by, dog walkers and families playing on the beach – all that with the amazing backdrop of the Golden Gate Bridge. It made me incredibly jealous of the locals. If you get a chance to visit –  it’s well worth taking a long lazy walk down there in the sunshine.

FullSizeRender (25)
 In San Francisco and fancy taking a SF Burn class? You can book through their website here or via Class Pass.

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