SUP and SUP Yoga in San Diego

Paddleboarding is just so bl**dy cool. BUT in the UK’s freezing temps, its not something you particularly want to do –  I especially don’t fancy falling in the Thames.

So while I was away it was on my wish list to do and I finally got to do it in San Diego, where ClassPass offered it through Paddle Board Bliss. I booked on to their yoga Paddle boarding, as well as an hour of just SUP (stand up paddle boarding)- around the San Diego bay.

I met my instructor Sara Snow just near the bay, where she helped us prep our boards and take them to the edge of the water. I did the yoga first, but before you do it you have to paddle over to the right place in the bay so that you have enough room to anchor you board. So with Sara’s guidance we carefully got on the board and paddle our way to the right spot.

And, if, like me, you’ve never done paddle boarding before then they’re great at giving you tips and advice on how to hold the paddle and also how to bend your legs to really give yourself and your board some momentum and push yourself forward – especially when there’s a strong tide.

Once we had anchored our boards we started with some slow stretches, then got on to some more familiar yoga moves – like the downward dog and even some sun salutes. And you won’t be surprised to hear that yoga is way harder when you’re scared of falling into the water and looking silly. You have to concentrate a lot more than you would in real yoga, but that’s all part of the experience I suppose.

After around 45 minutes of yoga I luckily got to paddle board round the bay with Sara, she was the best tour guide, showing me all the amazing houses and giving me the history of the city. In some parts of the water we saw baby jelly fish and even a couple of dolphins popped out to say hello. The setting and the experience was better than I could have even imagined, and I pretty much had a smile on my face the whole time I was out there. So if it’s on you ‘to do list’ this year make sure you book on to a class – even if you’re in London and you’re scared of the murky waters of the Thames!!

I also captured some of my yoga moves here on my vlog  – which gives you a real taste of what SUP and SUP yoga is really like, and also how beautiful is really was out in the bay.

FullSizeRender (24)

San Diego as a city was gorgeous too, I stayed on Mission Beach and the weather was glorious, along with the sunset – which is well worth a visit. You can book the SUP classes through Class Pass or directly through Paddle Board bliss.

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