Eating healthy on the go

When you’re ‘on the go’ travelling to lots of different places, like I am at the moment, it’s so easy just to eat rubbish. America has tons of junk food and takeaway shops and when you’re starving after a class it can be so easy to give into temptation. BUT I’m not the type of person anyway, I’m not a massive fan of takeaways and I think I’ve become so accustomed to healthy eating that if I eat too much junk food my body actually starts to hate me.


Don’t get me wrong I’ll have the odd burger and possibly a few glasses (okay maybe a bottle) of wine but I actually like eating veg, salad and fruit. While I was in New York and in an Airbnb it was much easier to eat healthily – I could have porridge for breakfast and cook my own salads, pasta and other healthy dishes.

I shopped for food in Chelsea Market, which had a great organic store, as well as picking up bits from local stores in Manhattan and near to where I was staying in Brooklyn. And if in doubt – always ask a local about where the best place to shop is.

But sometimes when you’re out and about (and don’t have a local to ask) then you need to know where you can pick up the best salads / healthy options… here is my run down of what I found in NY and Chicago….(blog on best healthy places to eat in California coming soon….)

I love a juice, and they shouldn’t just be drunk in the summer months – in London Pret and Itsu do some great healthy juices (especially Prets Beet Juice) but when in NY why not check out Juice Generation or Raw in Chicago to get your daily fix of vitamins.

If it’s sushi you’re after then Beyond Sushi in New York is the place to go. Pretty much any salad is available at Sweet Greens (located in the Flat Iron district in NY)  – choose from their signature salad, seasonal or you can even make your own.

If you’re looking for a protein fix in Chicago then pop into a Protein Bar – located all around the city. I had a chicken salad, which was so huge that I had to take it home with me.

Farmers Fridge in Chicago is also a great option, with most of their stores located in central Chicago, many just off the magnificent Mile. All their salads are kept in jars, with their motto being ‘helping you eat healthier on the go’.

Lastly if you find yourself in Nolita (NYC), and soon to be in the East Village, pop into The Butchers Daughter for juices, salads or even one of their cleanse and trim packages.

Of course I give into temptation sometimes, I’m only human, and would highly recommend the Cheesecake factory in San Francisco if you’re looking for something on the sweet side. And if you ever find yourself in Hawaii  – then Mai Tai’s are literally a staple part of your diet there…..

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