The Fhitting Room NY

When I saw a review of the Fhitting Room I wasn’t sure it was for me, it looked tough, really tough. Reps of different moves and tabata style exercises  – mainly using your own body weight. I’m not a fan of Cross Fit and it sort of sounded like that.

But I was in a different country and here to try what NY had to offer – of course I had to put myself outside of my comfort zone. And I’m so glad I did…it was one of the best classes I did in New York. With two studios in Manhattan  – the first opened nearly three years ago, the one I visited in the Flat Iron District was just a year old, and was a lovely studio – with lockers just after reception and showers / everything you want downstairs.

We started on the floor, and unlike a lot of the classes I went to in New York there was a real mixture of men and women. We started with a quick warm up, then reps of different exercises – including weighted lunges, tuck jumps and snap and drops with weights on each side.

After some more reps we were put into 4 different groups and had to go round the circuit 3 times – starting on the rower for a couple of minutes, then going on to planks on the BOSU ball, kettle bells and more arm exercises.

The end of the class was a killer, making us get into pairs and do burpees starting with 10 each and counting all the way down to 1 – I was a pool of sweat heaped on the floor afterwards.



And I loved how social it was – it wasn’t like a spinning or treadmill class where you barely get to say anything to your neighbor (apart from grunting the odd ‘How f**king hard is this’ – the Fhitting room paired you into groups and pairs to do certain rounds, so you really felt like you were doing a workout together, rather than on your own!

I had a quick chat with Kari, founder of the Fhitting Room, afterwards and she said she created the studio and workout because she’d seen such great results herself with HIIT workouts similar to this. She knew that the busy people of NY wanted a  class that they could go to and get results. And she was obviously right, my class was packed and it was the 9.30 class – no doubt the early morning and evening classes are even more popular!

If you live in New York or visit I would highly recommend the Fhitting Room  – especially if you’re looking for an all over body workout. I’m just holding out for the day they decide to open a studio in London…..

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