Soul Cycle New York

I made it to SOUL CYCLE!!!

I bloody love spinning and this has been on my wish list for a while now so to go to an actual class was amazing!!

If you haven’t heard of Soul Cycle (where have you been?) it’s a spinning class like no other – with very excitable teachers you’re encouraged to ride along to the rhythm of the beats. Its so popular that it has studios all over the US, including around 10 in NY. Celebrities like the Beckhams and even Michelle Obama are regulars (nope, I didn’t see them there!)

Soul CYcle me

I visited their West 27th Street Studio and took the 4pm class last Sunday – split on two levels, their super friendly staff showed me where the studio was (upstairs) and showed me downstairs to the changing rooms and showers.

And a massive plus when I visited was that they had a promotion on – you get your first class for free! So if you haven’t already tried it, its worth trying it just once – I mean free is free right?

One thing that stumped me a little was that I didn’t know the shoe sizes in America were different to ours  – in America apparently I’m a size 8! I thought my size 6 six feet was big enough! She gave me what I thought was a 6 but was really a 4 and I couldn’t understand why they were so small. Once corrected though (after many embarrassing trips back to reception to try the next size up!) I made my way into the studio.

The studio was dimly lit and once I made it on to my bike correctly – (They’re a little different to normal spin bikes) our instructor, Hayes, got us in the ‘Soul Cycle’ mood – getting us excited for the ride ahead (even though it was a Sunday people were actually excited!).

The music boomed out and from the start we were energetically swung our bodies to the beats of the various tunes – up and down, side to side – dancing on spinning bikes like no one was watching!

And as sweat dripped down my face (this is when I’m most happy you see!) a little smile crept on to my face – this was part of my motivation to do my 5 week long trip to the states and I was there, okay sweating my ass off, but loving it too. The thing about spinning is that yeh it’s hard, but you feel amazing afterwards too – its a full body workout – no wonder all the soul cycle regulars are walking around like their high (or just really really happy!), they’re high on endorphin’s!!

They also have weights at the back of your bike, and around 20 minutes into the class we went through a arm workout for a song, while we kept pedaling. They were only light weights but it was nice to mix it up a bit and give our legs a little rest.

Then around half an hour into the class the instructor put on some ‘Soul’ful’ music and we just rode at a gentle pace for that song – it was really nice to have some thinking time in such a crazy class.

After one more song we were done! It went so quickly but I’ll hopefully be trying it out in LA too at the end of the month – but what I’m really wondering is – when are they opening in London? Lets hope soon….

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