Chaise Fitness – New York

My first official class for my little American Fitness journey had to be shared. Typically American – it was super hard, had a very, let’s say encouraging teacher and has left me aching and wondering how I’m going to get through the rest of my classes…….I’m sure I’ll survive!

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My class was at Chaise Fitness on Lexington Avenue. Of course I struggled to find it, I always struggle to find studios – especially when they’re tucked away inside a building and downstairs out of the way. But as soon as I arrived I felt welcome, they explained the lockers and the format of the class.

A small studio in general, the lockers were in the reception, but you had everything you needed – water, towels and even toiletries if you needed it. The actual inside of the studio was small too but meant you get lots of attention from the instructor – I think there was only around 10 of us in the class.

Unfortunately I’d chosen the wrong class, the one I really wanted to do was on Pilate chairs with TRX like strings, which they were doing before my class! But worry not the class I had chosen, with stretchy bands, was just as hard….


We started with the bands looped around our hands, and did (a lot) of stretches with our arms out front and squats, as well as lunges and yep more squats. We alternated between different legs and different arms, did curtsey lunges and went as low as you can possibly go – before you are actually touching the ground.

We also did bits of balancing work, with our hands out to the front and one leg out to the back. The instructor was tough on us too – if we started to lower our arms she was there and knew that we were slacking  – just a warning!

If you haven’t used the stretchy bands before they’re great for toning the arms, and well worth either trying this class out or just getting one for fitness at home – I’m definitely a convert.

We finished the class with some, tough, ab workout – lying on the floor and doing reps of crunches, the plank and so many more – my poor stomach!

In New York and fancy doing a class? You can book through Class Pass or directly through their website here. Good luck!

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