Exercise in the City

Everyone knows how hard it is to get out of the office and do a fitness class  – so it’s great when they come to you. Last year when I was working in an office I fell in love with the yoga teachers who used to come into our office – it was so easy for us to stay for an extra hour, do some yoga and then get home at a normal time. And the prices we paid for the classes were so much cheaper than your average fitness class.


So that’s where companies like Exercise in The City comes in – bringing fitness classes to you and your office. They bring Pilates, Circuits, Abs Blast, Boot camps and Yoga to your office – all you need is a free meeting room or space in your office and some willing colleagues.

And the great thing is that so many employers are seeing the benefits of (increased productivity and improving the general well being of employees) having exercise in the office that they will pay for fitness professionals to come in or give their employees a discounted rate.

Julia, the founder and Pilates and Fitness Instructor had the idea for Exercise in the City as, like many, she often found it hard to find the time and the motivation to fit exercise into her working day. She started practicing Pilates 9 years ago at weekly lunchtime classes in her office. She found that it gave her a chance to get away from her desk for an hour, network with colleagues and generally re-energise. Stretching always made her more productive and focused for the afternoon. A couple of years later she loved pilates so much that she decided to train to become an instructor to teach others the benefits she’d experienced.
If you’re not familiar with Pilates Julia and I have put together a 10 minute beginners workout you can do at home. The video covers all the basics, along with Julia correcting my postures and positions – so you can get them right first time round at home. You can see the video here. Subscribe to my channel for more pilates videos from Julia and I this month, including a pilates flow video and an abs workout.
More more information about how Exercise in the City can come into your office click the link above.

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