And so my little American journey begins….

Today I fly off to the states for 5 weeks on a bit of a fitness journey in a few different cities….

I start in New York where I’ll sample classes like Soul Cycle (Just a little excited about this) jump on a train to Chicago where I’m looking at how the hotel fitness industry is booming, fly over to San Francisco and try something I’ve always wanted to do – Kite Surfing, along with a bike ride over the Golden Gate bridge! Then I luckily get to escape to Hawaii for a few days where I’ll be surfing ( and probably sunbathing) and getting my go pro acquainted with some tropical fish. I then fly to San Diego for more fitness and some paddle boarding. LA is next – where I’m sure I’ll be faced with some crazy classes, as well as in Vegas – around the smog of gambling and partying with my friend Charlotte! I finish my little adventure in Miami with my two friends where we’ll explore the Florida keys and then I’ll make them join me at some fitness classes on South Beach (probably on hangovers!).


While I’m over there I’ll be using Class Pass. I know I’ve talked about how amazing it is before (they’re honestly not even paying me to say this!) but the fact that you can change the city your in and access their classes too is bloody amazing!! My worry when I go on holiday (which I know is a real geeky thing to worry about) is that I won’t have anywhere to work out! But Class Pass is great – all you do is change the city your in and boom you can book into their classes….I will of course be writing ( as well as instagramming and tweeting) about the many classes I visit around America – so come back for LOTS of reviews!

I’ve been planning this trip for around 3 months and can’t wait to find out what the craziest, hardest and most fun workouts are in the US. I’ve been checking out the best and newest fitness craze in London for a while now and its quite nice to see what other cities have to offer. I’ve had a bit of a love affair with the states since I was young too. We didn’t travel much so when I actually made it there for the first time (20 years old) I was in awe. When I was younger I’d seen it on the TV and thought I would never visit, so to make it there, with my own money was an amazing experience! I sort of booked this trip on a bit of a whim too – I was bored at work and wondered if I’d ever make it to a soul cycle class – the next thing I knew I’d booked a 5 week holiday there…..


Another reason for why I’m doing this journey is that in the summer I had a bit of a ‘life crisis’ about where I’m going and what I want out of life. I’m happy – I live in a city I love, I have amazing (literally some of the best!) friends and family and I mostly love my job and what I do, but I think the pressures to conform to what I should be doing with my life at my age (i.e. Settling down, getting a proper job and having kids) got the better of me. Which is pretty silly really – my life motto is do what makes you happy – and even though I’m not doing what everyone else my age is doing it doesn’t mean to say that it’s wrong. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I’m doing what I want to do because that’s what I chose – and I can 100% ( apart from the odd silly wobble) say that I made a good decision.

I’m sure I’m not the first 30 something to get upset about this. It’s a funny thing as I think it’s installed in us (the ‘fairy-tale’ effect) from  a young age that happiness comes from a man/ relationship/2.4 family. Maybe one day I’ll find the one ( hopefully a Bradley Cooper lookalike!) but until then I always remind myself that I could be in a relationship right now that makes me miserable or in a job I hate. Instead I’m on a plane to New York (and probably definitely drinking champagne). I LOVE the fact that I’m independent and have control of my own destiny – I’m not sure I would have it any other way!

So as well as this being a fitness journey – it’s a really personal journey too, sometimes it’s nice to break away from your normal life and see something from a different perspective and appreciate what you’ve got and who you are.

_MG_1162editI can’t wait to see what is out there in terms of fitness, but also who I meet along the way and what I experience. And as the quote goes ‘Life is a journey……not a destination!’ I’m going to make sure this is one journey I will never forget….

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  1. I LOVE this! I can totally relate – being expected to be in a relationship, settle down etc – who says?! As long as you are happy living your life how you want, don’t worry what anyone else thinks!

    This sounds like an amazing experience, and good on you for going for it. I can’t wait to read all about your adventures! 🙂 xx


  2. Gareth says:

    Great to meet you in Chicago , enjoy Vegas and there were only four States beginning with New . New York , New Jersey , New Hampshire and New Mexico .


  3. Lovely to meet you too….how are the nails? Ha ha great to know – I can use that to look knowledgable when I get home!!


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