Are you a skinny B**ch?

I’m the kind of person who when I’m told I’m can’t have something, then I kind of want it that much more – whether it’s a man, a cake or in this case an exercise class – The Skinny Bitch Collective. My email went unanswered when I asked about the wait list for the super exclusive group exercise class. With no online booking system – you have to be ‘accepted’ before you can even book a class. I mean designer handbags are easier to get surely?

So of course I did what I normally did when someone rejected me – I googled them, watched every video, read everything I could about them and decided I desperately wanted to get on the class. Favoured by celebrities like Millie Mackintosh, Ellie Goulding and every model in London, Russell’s amazingly well down Instagram videos have got everyone from Vogue to some of London’s top fitness bloggers either talking about him or wondering how the hell they can get on a class too.

So when I got into a class by default, something along the lines of hysteria and nerves set in, and I wasn’t sure whether to cancel it all together or start boasting on social media that I had finally made it onto a Skinny Bitch Collective class.

And as I approached the studio I don’t think I’d ever been so nervous, my Instagram stalking had terrified me about what I was going to have to do for the next hour. And I wasn’t wrong to be scared, it’s hard. Really hard.

Exercises which, in Russell’s words, are ‘primed to elicit lean, strong and fit aesthetics in women,’ he really takes you out of your comfort zone – think tug of war, burpees until you’re nearly crying and lots of lunges.

And it’s not for those with body issues – I mean most of the girls there are probably more used to walking down catwalks rather than crawling down corridors (which is what he actually made us do!) but then what would you expect? It is called the Skinny Bitch Collective after all.

We did a lot of pair work took, mainly running after each other (on yours hands and feet) punching each other’s stomachs and clapping hands, while doing the plank, with one leg in the air!

After the first 15 minutes I was actually wondering how I could make it through the rest of the class, my legs felt heavy, sweat was actually dripping into my eyes and I knew I was going to be in all sorts of pain tomorrow. And then when you think it can’t get any worse he made us run down the longest ever corridor and back…..

When we got back we put resistance bands round our legs and we didn’t just do normal burpees, nope, we did the special ones, with the bands on, turning half way round as we jumped up – all in time to the music.

And that’s the one thing I loved, the music, dance tunes, not dissimilar to that of a club in Ibiza, belted out as we made our way through the torturous class and somehow made it that bit more enjoyable. That was until he made us do more burpees, more lunges and the hardest one of all  – mountain climbers up the wall (almost like doing a handstand while mountain climbing!)

I can tell why his work outs are so popular though, it wasn’t just the moves he was telling us to do, it was the way he was telling us to do it – so matter of factly – why would we not be in the plank position or timing our weight workouts together?

We finished the class with a quick warm down and afterwards Russell told me that that had been an easy class! I hate to think what his hard classes are like…..

If you go be prepared for a super tough non-stop workout – where you’ll be asked to do stuff you’ve probably never down before in a fitness class. You’ll also feel amazing afterwards and so glad that you did it!

At £40 a time I won’t be making his class a regular thing (and I’m not sure I’m on the list anyway!) But if you fancy trying it you can attempt to get on the list (good luck) here, or failing that you can sign up to be inspired by Russell online.

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  1. Nice to hear what’s going on in London!And nice class name too!Thank’s for sharing!


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