Orange Theory @ David Lloyd


After the excesses of Christmas I needed a really good workout that just made me feel normal again – so I chose Orange Theory in Islington.

If you want to burn in excess of 500 calories, sweat like no one is watching and feel like you’ve done a tough workout – then this is definitely the workout for you.


Orange theory.jpgThey have two studios – one in the city and another on Upper Street, Islington, which is where I went. If you visit make sure you tell them you’re new – I’d been once before so they just ushered me in and didn’t check to see if I already had a heart monitor ( which I didn’t) this is to track your progress and heart rate throughout the class ( which is shown on two monitors in the studio). The harder you work the different zones you reach. Luckily I had my FitBit which tracked my heart rate and calories.

You either start on the treadmill or the rowers. I started on the treadmill and was unaware of the hard 30 minute run ahead of me! When you start you pick a base pace – mine was 8 KMPH with a 1.0 incline and every few minutes you take it up a few notches – mine being 11 – intervals of 2.5 mins, 2 mins, 1.5 mins and 1 minutes are done, with a sprint finish. Then yes you’ve guessed it you do it all over again.


Orange theory 3

You then switch to the rowers – starting with 300m then off to do set of exercises like weighted lunges, TRX movements and my actual favourite (which I know is sad) pikes on the ab dollies ( boards with wheels that you place your feet on and wheel towards you) – it’s tough but an amazing workout for the whole of your abs!

Apart from the slight hiccup with the heart rate monitor ( which they obviously need to get sorted for class pass users) it was a great workout, with a good instructor and I think I burned around 500 calories.

You can book three sessions a month if you use class pass, or book through Orange Theory direct. What’s been your post Xmas workout?

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