Fitness Fox

I used to think with exercise that the harder and faster I go then the better results I would get, but after finding some great pilates and barre classes, I realised that strength and conditioning classes can be great for the whole body.

Fitness Fox, led by Kelly in Clissford Park in Stoke Newington every Saturday morning, is one strength and conditioning class which could become a firm favourite, as it gives you an all over body workout without breaking into too much of a sweat.

What to expect:

We start with a warm up, it was pretty cold so it was great to warm up the muscles, as well as our minds. The warm up involved movement drills – so think running to one point touching the floor and running backwards, then doing it again but further this time. This was preparing our bodies for the rest of the class and opening up our joints for what was to come!


For the next part we focussed on strength, and according to Fitness Fox creator Kelly, strength workouts are good for you, “Regardless of what you read strength training will NOT make you bulky, but it will make you firmer, tighter, have better posture and rock solid bones for years to come.”

So with that in mind we started with supersets of strength exercises – two full body lower, then two upper body – circuit one was lunges while we held weights over our head and walked, then went on to wood chops. Next was the curtesy lunge and squat, with a star jump to finish – by this point my legs were definitely warmed up!

Next was my favourite – glute focused mini band drills – placed on the lower legs you sought of feel like you’re about to do a three legged race at school  – as you can’t really move anywhere fast! In a circle we took turns to jump up then we did mini side steps until our glutes were on fire. Then of course we did that all over again.

And Kelly believes that most ladies need to work on their glutes, but why?

  • To prevent back and knee injuries –  lack of glute strength and hip stability means other muscles have to do this job leading to overuse/compensation and eventually aches and pains in the joints of the back and knee
  • To improve posture the glutes need to be fully functioning and strong – weak glutes caused in our modern world, by sitting too much, cause atrophy (weakening) and over time can contribute to two undesirable postures – swayback posture and anterior pelvic tilt, none pretty!

The last part of the routine involved around ten minutes of abs – plank variations, abdominal isolation exercises and mountain climbing – which made my core hurt for days, but hopefully that just means I will one day wake up with rock hard abs….I can dream!

Kelly really gives a killer class, if you want to try Fitness Fox out give her little website a view here.

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