Floga @ Gatwick with Shona Vertue

I’ve done yoga at some alternative places – beach side at Bondi in Sydney, on the glass floor at Tower Bridge – but now you can do it at an airport? Surely not?

shona 1

Yep, those clever things over at Gatwick have only gone and got a yoga lounge, and it’s not even for the elite either – anyone can pass by and stop for a few stretches before their flight.

Shona Vertue, yoga master and Instagram legend has come up with a 20 minute routine which not only gets you ready for your flight but makes you feel refreshed too  – whether it’s a 2 hour flight or 8 hour flight you’re about to step on.

Gatwick airport teams up with celebrity yoga guru, Shona Vertue,

I luckily got to try it out the other week and was treated to a powerful but restful routine which I would love to do before any flight. Watch my taster video here to get a feel for it.

The yoga video of Shona will play on loop every 20 minutes at the South Terminal before you go through security – which gives you an excuse to start your holiday and relaxing that bit sooner.


For more about Floga at Gatwick take a look here.

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