Legging Love

Women’s fitness leggings have had a slight revamp over the last few years, with everyone getting a bit more daring and using bright bold colours and amazing designs. Of course we’re never going to get rid of our staple black leggings (what’s going to go with our bold coloured gym tops?) but if we’re going to have to get through the torture of a workout we may as well do it looking good.

And so in the spirit of things I’ve complied a list of some of my favourite leggings…….



These beauties (and my favourites!) are the Printed Capri’s from Hally Hansen. Super stretchy and perfect for pilates or even something more energetic like spinning they are really comfortable and lightweight. Priced at £50, they are perfect to put on your Christmas  wish list. You may even get some compliments wearing them – I got loads!

_MG_1188edit _MG_1186edit

Next up are these black, blue and white patterned Proskin Active leggings. These leggings have two jobs – making you look pretty cool in the gym and also helping to reduce cellulite. Yes honestly! The fabric also helps to improve circulation and regulate your body temperature. They are really light to wear and great for movement, especially if you are planning on doing lots of lunges or burprees. Now you really have no excuse!


I love colour blocking anyway, so to find it on sports leggings is a real treat. Available from Style Sportif and priced at £79.99 the Gym Luxe Geo leggings below also have black mesh detail on them which makes them even more appealing to the eye. I found that these were better for more active sports, rather than yoga or barre classes.



And lastly the below are from TK Maxx – I bought them on a whim one Saturday for £20 – what a bargain! They are really comfy, fit really well and are perfect for all exercise classes, I’ve done yoga and HIIT classes in them. They have hidden pockets in the side and best of all they’re design is so pretty.




These amazing photos were taken by Charlotte Snowden at Morden Park, well worth a visit on a nice Autumn day.



Do you have a favourite pair of leggings? If so let me know which ones and why in the comments box below.

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