Rounds @ 1Rebel

I may, or may not have expressed my love for this class a few times in the past. Okay, okay – it’s pretty tough and Mila is pretty mean to you, when you’re so knackered you just want to curl up in a ball and never ever do a burpee ever again she’ll make you do at least 10 more. But you then get to beat the s**t out of a bag – it’s basically win win!

The class is split up into 4 rounds – the first 11rebelmepunching5 minutes in a reshape class (sprints on the treadmills and weights, burpees and ab work) and second 15 minutes punching the living hell out of boxing bag, in between more burpees and abs work of course! Then….you guessed it you have to repeat all that again!

I love being able to punch like a maniac – especially after a hard day or when someone has annoyed the cr*p out of you! I’ve also sort of mastered the kicks. When I first started doing them I was totally confused by them – I kept kicking the bag wrong and hurting my toes, but now I’ve mastered them they sort of make me feel like a Spice Girl (shhh don’t tell anyone I admitted to this!).

It’s definitely not one to do on a hangover and it’s not for beginners (you’ll be running scared!) – but I’ve done it twice now and felt amazing (and tired) afterwards – so it’s w1rebelmeell worth a try if you can get up early-ish (11.15am) on a weekend morning!

Things you need to know: Rumble or Rounds is located at their new Broadgate Circle studio. If it’s your first class you need to buy wraps to protect your hands and also boxing gloves that you hire for a pound. Make sure you let the instructor know it’s your first class too.

For more info go to the 1Rebel website.

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