Spa London

When you exercise a lot sometimes you just need some down time – or a little spa action. So after a pretty hard 1Rebel class on Saturday off to Spa London in Wimbledon I went.

When I arrived at the spa I was greeted by the friendly staff who directed me to the changing rooms, and I know it was based in Wimbledon leisure centre, but when you go to a spa you expect luxury. The changing rooms were just a little impersonal in my opinion – but the rest of the spa made up for it.

I was there for a Gym and Tonic treatment, one which would soothe all your aches and pains away, but I arrived early for a little relaxation time in the spa first. I started in the whirlpool, then moved on to the sauna and steam room, then finally on to the foot jet spas. I then helped myself to a herbal tea and jumped on the double bed and could have easily snoozed for a couple of hours. But it wasn’t to be as the masseuse came to collect me for my treatment…

Spa Londn 2

Being trained in massage, apart from the obvious benefits for my friends, I always find it quite a hindrance when I go for a massage. I’m always quite critical – the obligatory ‘how’s the pressure’ is usually met with a grunt, but this massage was honestly one of the best I’d had. I had been looking forward to a 50 minute nap – but after she had body brushed my back and started with the massage I knew I was never going to sleep! The pressure she applied was just perfect, okay it hurt, sometimes a lot, but she creased out all the knots in my shoulders and cracked my back in places I didn’t even know it cracked in. Not for the faint hearted – but I loved it!

Spa Londn 1

After my massage she exfoliated my back and then put a clay mask on it. And If I’m honest I never give much time to my back, I usually apply the same ‘beauty’ rules to it as I do when I sunbathe – ‘who’s going to see my back?’ So it was nice to give it some attention after all those many years of neglect. So while my back mask set she gave my calves a massage, taking out all those aches and pains from the last week of exercise.

I’m not going to lie, by the end I felt a bit beaten up, but nicely invigorated and like I could actually face the gym the next day. And a lovely little touch at the end of my treatment was a glass of champagne and fruit waiting for me in reception – they know me too well!

If you want to try out a Gym and Tonic, or one of their other treatments, visit Spa London – for your nearest location. Enjoy!

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