My Barry’s Boorcamp journey

I’ve been on a Barry’s  (Bootcamp) journey for nearly three years now. The first day it opened in London I had turned up full of nerves, and rightly so – it was a killer class.

I was actually supposed to go with my friend, Tracey, we had read about the opening and were really excited, so laptops open, waiting for 12am to book in – I booked on, and guess what, she’d bloody fallen asleep!

In the last few years I’ve done so many different classes – some hard, some even harder! And it’s funny, because however much you go – it NEVER gets any easier. As for instructors my friends always moan that Anya is the cruelest one, pushing us to the last point of  exhaustion. She is tough, I personally love it (well not at the time – I’m cursing her under my breath!) like they say, what’s the point in going otherwise?

I’ve completed two hell weeks, and one long week where I just decided to do my own hell week, (I must be mental!) done classes after recovering from the flu, sweated out hangovers and even turned friends into avid bootcampers. I took one friend and actually thought she was going to defriend me at the end – her scowls and looks of sheer terror, about what was before her, was more than hilarious! She now encourages (demands) me to go with her every time she goes.

And that’s how we finally found ourselves at Barry’s East yesterday. I’d been wanting to try it out since it opened, but logistically it had been a bit of a pain for me and my friends after work, so the first clear weekend we had we booked it in. And of course we’re always going to compare it against the other studio. But we weren’t disappointed – split on two levels, the first with reception, a chill out area and the smoothie bar, the basement is where the magic happens – or the hard work, depending on how you look at it!

Jemma took our class, who was brilliant. My friend and I knew her from the other Barry’s studio, and were always really amazed how she remembered our names, even when we hadn’t been in for ages! And wow did she push us – we started on the treadmills with intervals, sprints and so many hills, and then went down to some killer planks, arm exercises and lunges. And then…you guessed it – did it all over again (the second time seemed even harder!). By the end I was so knackered I could barely make it home……this morning was interesting too!

Next year I’m lucky enough to be going on a little trip round the US – I start in NY and finish in Miami, visiting San Fran, LA and San Diego on the way – so it would be rude not to try out all the Barry’s on the way, right? And of course I’ll be blogging my way round them all.

Have you been on a Barry’s journey? I would love to hear about it….

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