The evils of early morning workouts

I.HATE.MORNINGS. Literally with a passion – I snooze and snooze and if I could I would wake up naturally and start my day I would. Life is so mean. So as you can imagine I’m not a natural morning workout girl.

I sometimes make it out of bed for a morning workout – but gosh does it hurt! And it’s usually the evil work of a friend who says ‘just think you can get your workout done before everyone’s up’ then I hate them that very moment when I’m dragging my body out of bed!

And it gets worse in the winter too. When its Summer and the sunshine is breaking through the cracks in the curtains then of course you want to get up – there’s stuff to do, birds to sing with and skipping down sunny roads to do. But when it’s cold. When it’s raining. No. Just no.

And when you do make it up for that ‘6am idea of hell’ you of course have to tell everyone about it! ‘I’m so tired’ you say loudly (so everyone in a 5 mile radius can hear you) as you yawn, ‘I can’t believe I went to the gym this morning’. Then you wait for those cries of ‘oh my god you’re so good’ ‘you went to the gym this morning?’ And you sit in your little puddle of appreciation for a while. Then you realise you actually are knackered and decide that bed at 8pm tonight may be a good idea.

I’m sure I’ll be fooled into another morning workout before the year is up and I’ll groan and drag myself out of bed and say ‘never again’, but I’ll mostly be sticking to my evening workouts – because along with a lot of other benefits of working out in the evening, at least that guilt ridden chocolate cake can be worked off in the evening too!!

So how about you – Are you a morning or evening gym goer?

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