Edge Cycle

Any of my regular readers will know that I LOVE a spinning class, friends have taken the piss out of me in the past as to my addiction of them – sometimes I go four times a week (I even once went on a ‘spinning’ date!). But I know it’s the one thing that’s going to bring me out in a sweat, give me a great work out and make me feel better about the amount of wine I consume!
But sometimes gyms don’t get spinning right, I’ve had some amazing instructors, but a lot of the time at gyms they just chuck in an instructor who really doesn’t know what they’re doing – making you feel like you shouldn’t have even bothered turning up. That’s why I love all the new spinning places opening round the city – they know that there is an audience of spinning enthusiasts (like me!) who want good instructors, even better workouts and something a bit different that makes it unique and worth coming back to.
Edge Cycle, based between Farrigndon and Chancery Lane, have cottoned on to this and have created innovative boot camp style classes – which combine spinning with a challenging full body workout. So of course I had to check it out last week.
The first thing I noticed when I walked in was the huge studio – it has around 30 bikes, all with mat space so you can get a good workout off the bike too. And the lights are pretty cool too, pair them with the party music and you’ve got a very energetic work out.
We started with a quick warm up – sprints and a little bit of a hill climb, then we came down on to the mats. We did squats and lunges, along with the plank. Back on the bike we picked up our weights and did a quick few sets while keeping our legs going.
Its nice to feel like you’re getting a whole body workout at Edge Cycle, normally I just go mental with my legs and forget about working out the rest of my body.
Like most spinning classes the sets were based around the music, which kept us going through more hill climbs, various sprints and a few more sets of dumbbell exercises.45 minutes later and I was done, and looking forward to a shower – always a sign of a great class. 
Great if you’re looking for an all over body workout and need that extra push – visit Edge Cycle’s website for times and prices.

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