The BIG day – Run to the Beat

 It’s been a busy old summer – with holidays, hen do’s and LOTS of weddings (my facebook friends think I’ve started crashing weddings) but somehow I managed to fit in a bit of training too for Run to the Beat – a 10K run.
 Most of my training came in the form of Fitness First classes on the Strand – huffing and puffing my way through numerous fitness classes including spinning,  HIIT classes, Legs, Bums and Tums and even our own interval workouts on the treadmill.

Personally I love spinning, it gives you an aerobic workout while toning up the legs and bum. I knew the 45 minute workouts would stand me in good stead as I was making my way round the 10K course. Core stability is also quite important when it comes to a big run, so we signed up for a half hour abs class, and boy was it hard. Not only did he have us doing sit ups, but planks, jumping up and down and everything in between! The next day I could barely move for aching.

As we weren’t complete novices to running (we’ve down half marathons) we introduced ourselves back into running, after a bit of a break, by using the treadmills at Fitness First for 5k runs and interval training sessions – hill sprints really are the hardest form of exercise! Then about a month before the run we started our training outside, thankfully with the weather a few temps lower than it had been this summer we managed to do a few 6 and 8 milers, getting us on track for the big day

When you’re training for something like a 10K run its important to be wearing the right gear. Thankfully LIJA, Vancouver based women’s activewear brand was on hand to help me out. I popped along to see the new winter range recently and met Founder Linda Hipp who talked me through it. With great designs and bright colours, its so refreshing to see gym wear that’s standing out and making us look good at the gym.

And comfort is a real priority for them too, their breathable training tops and comfortable capri leggings are great for running in and doing other classes like pilates and yoga.I’d really recommened their new winter kit, which is available now via their website.

Its always nerve wracking getting ready for a run, and with a 9.30am start for Run to the Beat we had to be out of bed by 6am! On a Sunday! But it was well worth the early start – as soon as we got there we were treated with a chill out zone, warm ups and great energy from all the other runners. 

Music blasted into our ears from the outset with great DJ’s playing as we made it to the start line. Nerves started to creep in – had we done enough training? Were we hydrated enough? But as soon as we set off me and Gemma knew we’d be fine. We set ourselves a nice pace to start with, and as runners flew past us we knew their over eagerness would let them down later and we’d be running past them later on!

The first few kilometers seemed to fly by as we chatted our way through the run, but then those damn hills just kept appearing, but we persevered and huffed our way to the top of them. The music on the way round definitely got us through some parts, where we felt fed up and all we could think about was the wine at the end of the course! But just at that point the 9K sign gave us a glimmer of hope – we ramped up our speed and even managed a sprint to the finish line……

We finished the run in 1 hour and 3 minutes – not a PB but a great time to be proud of. I’m looking forward to another great Run to the Beat next year!

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