After lots of running and cardio I wanted to embark on some more conditioning work, but still burn those calories and feel like I’d done a good workout.


And if it came down to it, if I had to admit it – one of my biggest body hang ups is definitely my arms – however much I exercise my arms still look like the chubby ones I had at 14. So with summer only a few months away and the thought of all those summer dresses and bikinis, the newest exercise craze Speedflex came into my life, like a saviour.


Technically a circuit training class it really helps you emphasis the workout on your arms, which I personally feel not a lot of other classes do, as well as giving you a good cardio work out. Each circuit features 7 unique Speedflex machines which automatically respond to and create resistance levels based on the  force you use – hence myself and a guy double the size of me both getting a great work out, on the same machine.


My first 45 minute class, seemed a little daunting at first, loads of big machines, which I was of course going to forget how to work. But the trainers, thankfully, never make you feel stupid – they give you a run through of all the exercises to start and are always there to give you advice throughout.


The class is then broken down into mini workouts, some based around 20 second bursts on each exercise and others with reps. And if you think its easy – its far from that, the class measures your heart rate intensity throughout the whole class, and for most of us we’re between 75 and 90% for the whole 45 minutes.


The great part about the class is how it’s never the same class, they switch it up so you’re always doing a different workout – they do say variety is the key to a great workout, and I’ve really seen a change to my arms and fitness since I’ve started it.


The studio is based right near bank station, so central enough to pop there before of after work. So if you’re looking for something a little different, or, like me want to tone your arms and have a great work out, get down to the studio now.

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