Getting my plimsolls muddy

 Its 7pm on a Tuesday night and I’m hanging from monkey bars in a park. No, I’m not drunk, it was all part of my alternative personal training session with Muddy Plimsolls.

To begin with it probably wasn’t the best idea to arrange a personal training session just days after I’d done a half marathon. The run in question was the Hampton Court half marathon, which I had pushed myself a little too much in, completing the course in just over 2 hours – a personal best for me. So of course I was pretty chuffed. But then came the pain…


The next day I could barely move out of bed – my poor legs. So when Tuesday came around I was hoping he would go easy on me – or my legs at least.


We met in Primrose hill and got warmed up by walking fast and doing some slight stretches. We then moved on to the exercise park. We started on some of the lower bars, (working out what my legs could actually manage after my half marathon) with some squats, so far okay. Giving them a break we concentrated on my arms with some push ups and pull ups, one exercise which could have resulted in me falling in a muddy puddle if I gave up or slipped, I’m glad I did neither.


Throughout Jason was telling me about his way of personal training, unlike other personal trainers which push you with aerobic exercise until your completely knackered he uses calisthenic exercises – which means you’re using your own body weight to exercise, with smaller movements, but great results.


After a few more reps of squats, lunges and arm exercises we went on to two of the more adventurous exercises of the evening. The first being the monkey bars. Now if you know me you’ll know I’m not exactly tall, so when Jason said that I had to jump on the monkey bars from the ground, and not just hang there but pull myself up as well, I thought he must have been joking. But with a bit of a push from him he ensured that I’d make it. My first attempt proved that I was in fact too short, but after a second go I was hanging from the monkey bars for dear life. ‘Pull yourself up’ Jason said, and I really did try, but actually just getting up there was a huge accomplishment for me. But the next few attempts I was up there and pulling up on the bars – not by much of course, but I did it.


After an awkward handstand, which I was worse at than the monkey bars, and some slight cardio and stretching to cool down we were done.


I loved how it was a different type of training session than I’m used to, we didn’t have to do any sprints or long runs, but yet I still felt the results the next couple of days. And of course it’s always nice to get one to one training with someone.


If you like the sound of personal training with Muddy Plimsolls check out their website here.


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