Win with Zumba Step

Already lost your January motivation? Bored of pounding that treadmill? Well, Zumba Step is here to shake it up a little…..

Zumba Step uses the traditional gym step to increase the benefits of every Zumba move. Accompanied by Zumba‘s famous infectious beats you perform adapted Zumba routines using a step to increase the difficulty of your workout and see better results –  including a toned derrière and sweating out over 1000 calories.

Zumba is also launching it’s first ever advanced footwear collection, consisting of three styles; Zumba Flex, Zumba Impact and Zumba Energy Push. Each style is crafted using innovative Z-Slide™ technology designed to enhance and simplify popular Zumba moves. 

To celebrate these launches I’m offering one lucky reader the chance to win a Zumba bundle complete with apparel and Zumba accessories. Including:
  • Zumba top
  • Zumba bra top
  • Zumba capri leggings 
  • Zumba water bottle
  • Zumba socks
  • Zumba Core fitness game for Wii  
  • Zumba toning sticks
For more information on Zumba step or to find your nearest Zumba class/buy any of the apparel and accessories featured visit: The Zumba website now.

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