My only New Year’s resolution

If you know me well, you’ll know I’m pretty rubbish at those New Years resolutions that everyone seems to abide by – I think I’ve managed to do about 10 days without alcohol, and diets?! Soooooo boring! So one I really want to keep this year is to actually do exercise that I enjoy. So it’s out with those killer hot bikram yoga classes, which took up way too much of my time last year, and made me feel like I was dying, while sweat trickled down every part of my body. And it’s in with things like reformer Pilates – which will hopefully get me well on to my way to getting those killer abs I’ve always wanted!

I’ve become a little obsessed with reformer Pilates – ever since I trialed it out for my blog back last year. You know you like an exercise when you start trying to fit in before work…..I normally won’t get out of bed unless I have to.

Bootcamp Pilates is perfect for anyone looking to get their weekly fix of reformer Pilates. It’s city studio, tucked away off a side street in Old Street is an airy colourful studio with 8 machines and lots of Pilates fans, who like me are determined to tone up their abs, as well as legs, bums and arms.
My teacher, Korin, along with being super stunning and knowledgeable, when it came to all things Pilates, was pretty tough on us. But then who wants a teacher that doesn’t push you?
We started with a quick stretch on the back of the legs and went straight into some leg pulses on the bars, which toned our glutes, as well as our calves. Then lying on the reformer bed we went on to some ab exercises, keeping the ring in between our kness and pulsing up to get the full benefit on those abs.
After what seemed like a lot of ab work ( but well worth it!)  we went on to use the straps to tone up our arms, grabbing the shorter loops and using our body weight we pulled ourselves in while we circled our arms round, until the pain was unbearable. Then after a short break, we went on to do it all again – with similar arm exercises.
We then returned to leg work, squatting while we pushed the bed out with our legs, then performing the same exercise, but with straight legs. After some more killer ab work, and my favourite exercise – looping our feet into the straps and circling our legs out to the side, until you actually have a numb bum, we were finished.
An hour always seems to fly by in reformer Pilates, and if like me you’re a cardio freak, it’s great to do some conditioning work once in a while too, which actually makes you sweat.

Bootcamp Pilates also have studios in Notting hill, Fulham and Richmond – find out more here.

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