Underwater spinning

I love spinning, but spinning in water seemed a little odd. However, according to just about everyone it’s the latest thing that anyone who is anyone is doing – so of course I had to try it out!


Unsure of what to wear, I donned my bikini, (but did slightly worry that I wouldn’t be supported well enough) and made my way to the pool. Our instructor talked us through the bike set up, which were on the side of the pool, to start with, and when we were happy helped us position them in the pool.
The bikes are specially made for the pool, and also have different pedals to normal spinning bikes, more like sturdy flip flops. Getting on to the bike, it of course felt slighty weird, with the water impacting the way you cycled.

But after you got over the fact that you’re on a bike in the water, and that everyone was walking past gaping at you, it was just like a normal spinning class. We did short spurts sat down, including longer ones stood up and even sprints. He then went on to incorporate arm exercises, squatting down our whole bodies while we stood up on the bikes. And a
fter 40 mins and a stretch we were done.


Normally I’d be a sweaty mess after a class, this left me feeling tired, but quite fresh, like I’d been for an intense swim but not sweated it out in the gym – which is always a bonus.
Priced at £20, Aquallure are currently running classes at their pool in the Dolphin Square gym – see their website for details.

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