I want to be a Hiitgirl…

In the last year I’ve really become a fan of interval training  – it feels like I get the best results when I really push myself, and even better when your only working out for 30 minutes.

So I was all up for trying out Hiitgirl, it’s had some really good writes up – including in Look magazine and the Mail Online, so I was in good company.

If you’ve never done interval training then you’re in for a treat with Hiitgirl as it’s a super-efficient workout for women to burn fat and tone muscle at the same time. Taught in small groups of up to six its a fun, fast-paced session using the principles of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which means alternating bursts of intense exercise with short periods of recovery. 

There are different levels to choose from – Hiitgirl Foundation, Hiitgirl with Balls (using Ugi balls), Hiitgirl Signature (using various equipment such as steps, bars, rebounders and heavy Ugi balls) and Hiitgirl Pure (using no equipment, just bodyweight).

Dragging my friend Gemma along, so it wasn’t just me who felt the pain afterwards, we made our way to their super swish studio in Crouch End and quickly found out what a Hiitgirl signature class consisted of. 

Our instructor first explained the use of the clock, which would be counting down as we exercised – we would perform an exercise for 40 seconds, then have 20 seconds rest, which sounds easy, but believe me, after about ten minutes you find out it isn’t.

So as the class started we did 15 toning exercises, using pretty heavy  sandbags – doing squats, lunges and jumps with the bags, as well as upwards rows. I’m used to doing more aerobic stuff – like running and spinning, so obviously thought this wasn’t going to challenge me, the sweat trickling down my back was telling me different.

The last half consisted of more aerobic exercises, including split jump, lunges, mountain climbing and even an exercise which saw us lying on our backs and having to get up to standing it one move – way harder than it sounds!

By the end we were both knackered, but Hiitgirl converts, so much so that she wanted to sign up for more classes – well it seems like quite a cool club to be part of. What’s more, the workouts are so intense that you continue to burn calories for up to 24 hours afterwards – I love the sound of that!

The new London studio is based in Crouch End – with hopefully others following in more central locations soon. If you want to be a Hiitgirl you can sign up at their website here.


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