Yoga Pub dating anyone?

For some of you that read my dating blog – you’ll know that I’ve had a somewhat mixed reaction when it comes to dating and exercise.

What I thought would be a disastrous first date with a guy in a spinning class actually turned into a six month relationship – I was amazed that he found me sexy, espically through the sweat! And of course, for research purposes, I’ve also tried out various exercise dating classes – with mixed reactions. I’ve still yet to harm anyone with a golf ball, football or dart on a date – but I’m sure there’s still time!

Yoga isn’t completely alien to me – I became a bit of a yoga bunny back at the beginning of the year  – when Hot Bikram took over my life – mainly because it was sooooooo cold outside. And now innovative dating site Doing Something has teamed up with Singles Yoga expert Richard Brook to launch a weekly singles night: Yoga Pub Dating. 

But how does yoga and dating go hand in hand? Richard believes his interactive style of teaching enables participants to connect with each other as part of the experience of practising yoga. And the pub part afterwards allows you to discuss who had the best Sun Salutation over a yogic tipple or two.    

DoingSomething have been on my radar for a while, as it encourages members to actually ‘do something’ (hence the name) on a date instead of the usual boring drinks! Whilst that ‘something’ could be as normal as flying a kite, playing Ping Pong or taking a walk in the park, it can also be as unusual as a Yoga Class followed by a drink.   

Matt Janes, co-founder of Doing Something jokes: “It’s not everyone who can say they’ve been on a Yoga Pub Date. So whilst it’s at the adventurous end of activities people suggest , it really embodies the spirit of our site. You’re bound to have tons to talk about in the pub afterwards – which is the whole point of a DoingSomething date”.  

That’s all well and good, but if you’ve never even done yoga before – what does the class actually consist of?
Richard explains: “We begin with relaxation and basic meditation. Then we move on to partner yoga and connection exercises, where we rotate partners so everyone gets chance to work with different people. When you’re in a class together, you also build up a collective comfort with one another, which also makes it easier to chat later – the class is geared towards interaction and connection”.

Okay, okay, I haven’t tried it myself yet – but from the sounds of it, it may just revolutionise the way we date / do yoga – so what are we waiting for?

Yoga Dating happens at the Proud Archivist every Monday. And Doing Something are even offering you lucky things a one month trial subscription for just £12 (Saving 60%) by using the code: trial12And if you sign up before December 1st the subscription includes a free Yoga Pub Dating class!

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