Integra training

Before I started to exercise a lot I never had any aches and pains – but during the training for my last half marathon I started to get really tight hamstrings, particularly on my left leg. Of course I tried the basic massaging, stretching and used rollers to try and ease the pain, but never went the whole hog and saw a pyhsio.

So when I heard about Integra who do holistic body mapping I was really intrigued. By using integrating muscle activation techniques they work with you to find out why your body is or isn’t performing like it should – helping you to address imbalance or inhibition to establish a strong platform for muscular strength.

Micheal and I first talked through what type of exercise I did on a weekly basis, plus injuries, aches and pains, including my tight hamstrings. He then looked at my movement and flexibility in my hips and legs by performing a series of flexibility exercises. 

By doing these he realised that I had less movement in my right leg, which meant that I would over use my left leg – hence the tight hamstrings.  Their technique is to massage the muscles which aren’t working so well in my right hip, to give me better movement in my right leg. And after a few quite painful massages to correct this my right leg started to perform with more flexibility – which was quite impressive.

Once your body is mapped out Micheal will then go on to find out what exercise program is best for your body . And I must say the next run I went on my hamstrings didn’t play up at all.

Integra is one of only 4 practitioners in the UK that use this technique, which means that you get a very unique approach to your body’s movements and any injuries you may have.

If you fancy visiting them, instead of a physio visit their website here.

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