Half marathon: 2 weeks to go….

Yep its flown by…one minute I was signing up and the next I’m trying to get through the 10 mile training runs. And its been painful….

After my first 10K training run I brilliantly secured an injury. I’m still not completely sure what it was – but I’m convinced I somehow slightly tore my left achilles – painful to walk on and definitely couldn’t do any running. 3 weeks after that I decided that a week of Barry’s bootcamp (Hellweek!!It was that and more……) would get me back in shape – but of course I over did it and came away with the most painful legs I’ve ever experienced…..

When I did my first half marathon I also experienced pretty painful blisters so when I was sent some SOLE dual layer socks to try out I made sure that they were part of my training regime.

The double layer of the sock reduces friction and prevents annoying blisters from developing. And, unlike all those other socks, with false promises, they actually work – I’ve yet to even have one blister.

However my old trainers were giving me some troubles. Was a month before the actual run too late to buy new trainers? Even if it wasn’t I knew I couldn’t go any further with my achey smelly trainers so I hot footed it down to Foot locker where I fell in love with these gems…..

I’m slightly girly when it comes to my gym gear – maybe the reason I’ve been given the nickname ‘Gym barbie’ so I was totally drawn to these Nike beauties – even though they were silly expensive. They do however seem to be getting lots of attention.

But with one more run training run to go (11 miles) next weekend I think me and my two friends are on track to ‘hopefully’ beat my last PB – wish us luck and if you fancy sponsoring me, all in aid of Make a Wish foundation you can do it here.

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