Pole dancing

My experiences of pole dancing previously have never been a sober affair. They usually involved 3am shimmering and attempting to get my whole body up on a pole, while I failed miserably and made friends with the floor in a drunken stupor!

So….of course I had to attempt it properly – without alcohol and in the company of at least one professional.
As we arrived we were greeted with a room of at least 8 poles and an instructor who showed us what was possible on them. And as she twisted and turned, and got upside down on them, we all looked at each other with worried faces.
The class started with a quick dance warm up, and leg and arm stretches, to get us ready for the main event – the pole!

And before you ask I didn’t attempt anything like what you can see in the picture. This would of course ended in me landing straight on my head. But they didn’t ease you into it either – the first part was a movement where you had to literally swing round the pole, with your legs either side – I still have the bruises to prove that I gave it a go.

We learnt a series of other moves too – swinging round the pole, with both legs wrapped round one side, shimming sexily down the pole and a little dance move to put them all together.

In all I realised you had to be pretty strong to be good at pole dancing – have a good core and don’t mind bruising your legs. It really is an alternative exercise routine – which you realise is over very quickly because, unlike a gym routine, you’re having fun.

Now…..I just can’t wait to try it out on the next unexpected club that I go to – 3am pole dancing will never be the same again!

Fancy learning how to swing round a pole? Give it a go at www.ecoledepole.co.uk

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