Class of the week – AB-MXR

Like most women my stomach  is always my problem area. I can run, spin and work out 7 days a week but never do I come out with a washboard stomach a la Kate Moss.

And normal sit ups are pretty boring. I get to the end of my work out and dread that 5 minutes or so when the painful crunches have to be done.

So when I was asked along to trial out the new AB-MXR I was a little hesitant. But Celebrity personal trainer and creator of the Ab-MXR Joanna Kabbani was on hand to quash any of my nerves and show us how to use it effectvely in a 20 minute cardio session.

And before you ask – I didn’t have a clue what the Ab-MXR was either. No ordinary gym weight –  its a 2kg weighted abdominal exerciser which not only offers increased support for the neck and spine during abdominal floor work but also adds an extra dimension to a full-body workout. 

Joanna said: ‘Your core is rarely worked into a cardio routine like this. We use the AB-MXR at all points throughout the work out so you get maximum results. But the AB-MXR can also be used at home – for normal sit ups and if time is precious – just a quick blast on the abs.’

Thankfully I loved the work out which goes along side it – a great cardio workout and one which worked my  core, to the point where I actually couldn’t move much the next day* And according to Joanne with just 3 sets of 10 sit ups everyday you’ll see results very quickly.

*Always a great sign of a good workout 

Priced at £65, you can get your very own AB-MXR or find out where your nearest class is on their  website.

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