New Years Resolutions

The New Year is always a great time to vow to join the gym, eat less and pray you’ll end up looking like a super model. But very rarely does it happen – we get bored and before we know it the wet, cold nights make us want to sack off the gym for chocolate and Downton Abbey box sets. So, this year I’m not giving up anything – nope, not even dating!!
Instead my promise to myself (and to you – that way I’ll have to keep at it!) is to mix it up a bit, say yes to everything (okay ‘maybe’ everything) and just be a bit more adventurous. 
I started on my fitness last year – by having an amazing experience at a residential bootcamp in Norfolk and trying the odd class or two, outside the comfort of my normal spinning, running and occasional aerobics class. But this year its about the new and unknown – so look at Hot Bikram Yoga, climbing walls and TRX – you’re just the starting point*
*If you don’t kill me first
The same goes with beauty – I dabbled in the odd massage and pedicure. But this year I vow – for you beauty fiends out there, to try the best and most beautiful products and report back on the good AND the bad. 
Hello 2013 – its going to be adventurous…..

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