Ready for take off?

Please fasten your seat belts and get ready for your first on board manicure….

My lovely friend Leanne recently let me in on a very lovely  secret when she introduced me to MW nails, based in the city and now in Spitalfields.

Decked out like the inside of a plane, you can lie back and have your toe nails painted while thinking of your next holiday.

When I first visited I was amazed at how authentic it actually was – with arrival and departure boards (obv not with flight times but with treatments and prices) overhead lockers, plane style seats – and best of all, a plane style toilet – just don’t try and do the whole ‘mile high club’ thing in there – it doesn’t count!

And with names for treatments such as Tokoyo Toes and the Shanghai Shape they have really kept with the authenticity – right down to the very last detail.

And just before you groan about the cost – it’s actually quite reasonable.  If like me you can’t spend all your hard earned cash on making your nails look pretty the Shanghai Shape (a 15 minute manicure) is a bargain at just £15. And the Honolulu Hopper (a 20 minute pedicure) is only £16 – hello pretty toes!

Some Fridays your treatments also come with a glass of bubbly – what better way to start your weekend?!

For your next in-flight experience head to and give me a little wave (with your newly manicure nails of course) as you head of on your holidays.

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