I heart spinning

I’ve had this sort of love affair with spinning for a while now.

Even the thought of it about 5 years ago would bring me out in a cold sweat, then someone mentioned something about losing around 600 calories while taking part and having a bum of steel – so I thought I may as well give it a go.

Since then I’ve had my ups and downs, found my favourite teachers and even (yes I know slightly weird) had a date with a guy during a spinning class! My thinking was – if he likes me after he’s seen my with sweat dripping down my face then I’m probably on to a winner. And I was right – I went on to date him for 6 months!

I have to give praise to my current spinning instructor however, despite it not even being his day job he always puts in 110%. I’ve been to a few other gyms, even a few Fitness First’s in Sydney that I managed to blag my way into while I was living there a couple of years ago, and none of them have lived up to his amazing ability to inspire and make you feel like the fittest person in the gym.

In the 7 years I’ve been going to my Gym (Nuffield, if you wondered) he’s made us compete in the Olympics, dance to S Club 7, trek through fields and even take part in the Tour De France (all in a spinning class of course). 

Anyway even if you’ve never tried spinning before and the thought of it scares you more than actually going to the gym then wake up and look at my reasons why you should at least try it out. It burns billions of calories (okay not exactly billions, but quite a lot!), it keeps you fit, makes your legs and bum look amazing and most of all really makes you appreciate your ‘after workout’ shower!

So if you’re a beginner here are some tips to get you going (so you look like a pro and not a spinning dunce!):

  • Adjust the height and distance of the seat so you’re knee bends as your leg comes up, but only has a really slight bend when you pedal down.
  • Don’t have the handle bars to high or low – its like a normal bike, go with what feels comfortable
  • Don’t over do it on your first session, and let the instructor know you’re a newbie – otherwise they’ll be expecting the same from you as all the other spinning pros
  • Keep your self hydrated – before, during and after the class
  • Have fun, smile and think of all the calories you’re losing!

Happy SPINNING!!!!

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